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Jerusalem 30 A.D.
When Yeshua (Jesus) Walked

Update - 2006

This picture book contains photographs of a model of Jerusalem built by Ingemar Eklov ( The model depicts Jerusalem during Yeshua's day - circa 30 A.D.

Errata - 2004 printing
Page 21 - Top right margin - "...four thousand years" should read "two thousand years"


Hebraic Roots
Keys to Understanding Scripture

This picture book provides a glimpse into the ancient Hebraic roots of Christianity, the spiritual heritage that the wild olive branch, the Church, has lost, and presents how Yeshua is the fulfillment of the ancient Hebraic Feasts of God, the wedding customs, the ancient garments, the Temple and implements, and how even the stars
illuminate the work of Yeshua.

Becoming His Bride
Learning about God by experiencing
a modern-day ancient wedding

Becoming His Bride is a first-person account of the marriage ceremony of G. and B. Magee that was in the style of an ancient Israel betrothal covenant. It also contains pictures of their ceremony.

The Jubilee Hypothesis
Proclaiming the Year of Messiah's Return

Have ever wondered when the Messiah Yeshua will return? If so, you will probably enjoy this book.

"The Jubilee Hypothesis" by B. and G. Magee contains an hypothesis as to the year Yeshua will return. In 1997, the Holy Spirit revealed to the authors an interpretation of two related passages concerning the year of the Messiah’s return.

Page 73 - Figure 4-1. - "...Messiah is Crucified on 27 AD" should read "Messiah is Crucified on 30 AD"

Abduction on Shermann's Island
This is a fictional story
Rated PG-13 Parental Guidance Suggested

According to UFO researchers,the number of American abductions is estimated to be about two percent of the population, roughly five million people. Abductions occur multiple times per month, occur from childhood onward and are multi-generational. According to abductee accounts, the goal is to produce a hybrid species that can integrate with our society and assume control. Their program is nearly complete. Abductees have reported that "something is going to happen soon."

This book is designed as an evangelistic tool. It has Christian theology embedded throughout the story. It also raises Christian awareness to the non-traditional topics of the abduction phenomena and the Nephilim.

Page 47 Last line: "Julie smiled and Hayley." should read "Julie smiled at Hayley."

The Tartarus Expedition
This is a fictional story
Rated PG-13 Parental Guidance Suggested

In 1946, Wyatt Reynolds is a busy seventeen-year-old working in his uncle's country store in the small town of Tolt, Washington, when he discovers an old trunk containing an ancient stone tablet. Wyatt and his uncle have the tablet analyzed and discover that it describes the location to an entrance to the underworld. When a stranger shows up who has heard of the discovery, Wyatt begins a journey of a lifetime searching for the Gates of Hell.

This book is designed as an evangelistic tool to show the reality of Hell and God's judgement. It is based on testimonies of people who have had visions of Hell.

Abducted - The Disappearance of Travis McCready
This is a fictional story
Rated PG-13 Parental Guidance Suggested

The summer of 1969 was a turning point for the McCready boys, Harley and Travis. Little did they know, as they rode their Hondas down the trails and logging roads in the forest near the Tolt Reservoir, nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, that their first overnight camp-out since their father's passing would cause the little town of Tolt to become a hub of Sasquatch activity.

This book is designed as an evangelistic tool to show some of the scientific evidence for creation. Although this story is fiction, the Sasquatch information was taken from actual accounts.

King James Bible
If you need a Bible and cannot afford one, we will send you a King James Bible for free.